Google has launched an update to its mapping software for BlackBerry users on Thursday, giving workaholics Search by Voice, Google Buzz, Starring functionality and Labs.

The new Google Maps for BlackBerry version 4.0 is the first Google Maps for BlackBerry update of 2010 and a "big one" says Google, as it looks to bring a number of new features, some would say by stealth, to the emailing device. 

Those too lazy to type on the QWERTY keyboard will get the company's Search by Voice offering that lets you press and hold the green “call” button to speak your search, while just like in Google Maps for Android, the BlackBerry version now provides personalised search suggestions from your search history.

Those happy to make the most of the new app will be able to sign in to their Google Account and also synchronise "starred items" between on their computer (My Maps > Starred items) and phone (Menu > Starred Items).

Oh, and it adds Google Buzz support as well.