Sprint is the latest operator in the US to announce that it will be carrying the Nexus One mobile phone from Google.

Although the company has yet to formalise a date for the launch of the handset, that earlier this week was confirmed for AT&T, customers of the Sprint network will be able to get the phone "soon" the company has said.

The news means that the Google phone, which has been criticised for poor sales, will be available on all four of the major carriers in the US by the end of the year - T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint.

The "Nexus One will benefit from Sprint's 3G network with twice the coverage of AT&T and 10 times the coverage of T-Mobile, both based on square miles", said Sprint; attempting to convince Android fans, who haven't already got the phone, to go with it over the competition.

However, before you start planning your day-one line antics, the Nexus One will not be available in any Sprint retail channels. It will be available directly from Google at google.com/phone

Sprint says that it is still working on a pricing plan, however it expects it to be in line with the company's Sprint Everything Data 450 plan which costs $69.99.