Google has announced that its Nexus One handset, which is the current king of Android devices, is now compatible with US cellphone provider AT&T's 3G network. While it's been possible to use the device on the network for a while, as it ships unlocked, some carriers use different 3G frequencies that the Nexus One didn't support.

One of those was AT&T, and another was Rogers Wireless in Canada. Google is now offering another version of the Nexus One that'll be able to access the necessary frequencies to allow high-speed data access. That means that the Nexus One will now ship to Canada from Google's webstore.

Over in Britain, you shouldn't have any problems getting the device to recognise the right 3G frequencies, but if you buy it from Google's webstore then you'll need to do a little bit of preparatory work to find out the relevant settings for your network. You can read our full review of the Nexus One for more details.