Two separate reports on the Internet over the weekend have dated the Nexus One from Google in the US and the UK with official carriers.

In the UK, The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that sources close to both companies have confirmed that the Android phone will be available via the Vodafone network in "April" roughly the same time as the HTC Desire is expected to go on sale.

Vodafone, who is still yet to officially say anything other than "Spring" has not commented on the rumours.

Meanwhile Neowin, is stating that, "Verizon will release Google's Nexus One Android device on March 23 according to sources familiar with the matter".

The phone, which was spotted on its way through the FCC in the US with a CDMA chipset earlier in the week, is already available on the T-Mobile network with a 2-year contract, but customers and critics will agree a CMDA version will offer better connectivity and coverage via the Verizon network.

Users of course can already get the Google Nexus One direct from Google, but will have to pay over $500 for an unsubsidised version of the phone.