A recent software update for the Google Nexus One adds several key features to the handset. At the top of this list is multi-touch support which has been conspicuously absent from the Android operating system previously. More specifically, the recent upgrade integrates pinch-to-zoom compatibility in the phone's browser, photo gallery, and maps application.

Besides pinch-to-zoom compatibility, the Maps application will receive a more general upgrade to version 3.4. This change will enable users to synchronise starred favourite places between the phone or a computer, and make recalling previous searches for points of interest much easier. A new "Night mode" in Google Maps Navigation will also automatically adjust user's screens at night for better map viewing and driving. 

In response to persistent complaints of 3G issues with the handset, Google has pushed 3G connectivity improvements for "some Nexus One phones" as well and enabled their latest pet project Google Goggles to be used via the phone's Apps menu. Through this addition, Google stated on its blog that it hopes to encourage users to "just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web."

When exactly all of these updates will hit individual phones is still somewhat uncertain, but Google does expect to have the changes rolled out to a majority of users by the end of the week.