Following reports that Amazon's MP3 store is available on Nexus One handsets in Britain, coders at the XDA-Developers forum have worked out how to port Amazon's MP3 store to any Android 1.6 handset in the UK.

It's not the most simple process in the world, and involves installing a file found on a forum on the Internet - so if you're not comfortable with that, then you might be better off sticking to downloading tracks on your PC. If you're happy to muck about in the guts of your phone's software, though, then here's how you do it.

1. First  you need to grab the Amazon MP3 application. It can be found on the XDA-Developers forum. Once again, remember that you're downloading a random app off a forum, here. If you're fine with that, then grab it, rename to and put it somewhere on your phone.

2. Go to Settings > Applications and make sure that "Unknown sources" is checked.

3. Get a file manager - search for "file manager" in the market and download one. We've heard good things about ASTRO File Manager and Linda File Manager, but any should do.

4. Open the file manager, and find the file, then install it. On ASTRO, that involves tapping the file, and selecting "Open App Manager", then hitting "Install", but it might be a different process if you downloaded a different file manager.

5. Allow the app access to do what it wants to do, and hit install.

6. Voila! That should work. If you're having trouble getting it to localize correctly, then have a fiddle around with the "Locale" options in Settings, or the MoreLocale 2 application, available in marketplace.

Thanks to regular commenter GK for the tip.