In a surprise move, Google and T-Mobile have announced that some T-Mobile users wanting to upgrade to the Nexus One can now do it for $100 less.

Caving in to wide spread complaints about the handsets initial $379 price tag, some T-Mobile users are now eligible to own the phone for $279.

Additionally, similar to Apple's handling of the rapid price drop of the original iPhone, Google will be mailing out $100 rebate cheques to early adopters who opted to upgrade ahead of the announcement.

While it’s still uncertain who exactly is eligible for this particular upgrade, as apparently changes are being made on that end as well, overall it’s an interesting move from the folks over at Mountain View that we guess is more than a little related to the initial guesstimates of slow first week sales.

Now as it currently stands, the HTC-built, Google-branded handset will cost a mere $179 for those willing to sign a new 2-year contract, while an unlocked unit purchased directly from Google will remain at $529.

How about it T-Mobile subscribers? Is this drop in price enough to sway your mind on taking the plunge on Nexus One?