Following reports from early adopters that Google's new Nexus One is not working well on T-Mobile USA, the operator has now confirmed, via a forum post, that the issue is being investigated.

"Google and T-Mobile are investigating this issue and hope to have more information for you soon. We understand your concern and appreciate your patience", says the post from a T-Mo moderator.

The consumer reports from the States suggest that the Nexus One is struggling with 3G reception on T-Mobile's network, dropping down to 2G even where coverage is theoretically available.

"Tests over the weekend have often shown even older HTC-made Android phones like the G1 having full-strength 3G where the Nexus One has had less than a full signal", reports Electronista.

The T-Mo 3G issue hits at a time Google is being criticised for its new online sales method, with its Nexus One support forum apparently overwhelmed with customer's queries.

"We've worked closely with our Nexus One launch partners to make support available through a variety of channels", a spokesperson for Google told the BBC.

"This is a new way to purchase and support a mobile phone, and we're committed to sorting out the few kinks that do exist".