The HTC-made Nexus One, which has rapidly gone from rumoured gPhone to real-life, coming-soon product in a matter of days, has been posing for the camera again.

US blog Boy Genius Report has the latest images of the slimline handset showing the device's apparently crisp display and skinny dimensions.

Meanwhile Reuters recaps on various reports that as well as offering an unlocked version direct to US consumers, Google will also offer the Nexus One on contract through T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile was the first operator in the world to offer an Android handset - both in the UK and US - and another Google team up could work well for the carrier which does not currently offer a high-end exclusive handset.

One of Reuters' anonymous sources suggests the unlocked version of the Nexus One could be available directly though Google as early as 5 January, which would coincide with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

We will keep you posted.