New gPhone whispers suggest that Google is gearing up for no less than "an all-out assault on the mobile phone market".

The report, from The Times, states that the new, Google-branded handset we've heard about of late will encompass "the first comprehensive Google phone service with unlimited free calls", and a built-in, advanced version of Google Voice.

"For the first time", says the paper, "a single company will control everything from the software in users' phones to the services they use to make calls and surf the web".

The Google handset is said to be "one of the most advanced smartphones, with a large touchscreen display and a [Qualcomm] processor almost twice as fast as the one powering Apple's iPhone 3GS".

It's likely to offer the future version of Android code-named "Flan", which continues the cake-themed updates, and is said to bring high-speed 3D gaming.

As mobile phone operators may be unwilling to offer a device that offers free Google Voice calls, it's suggested that Google may offer the handset direct to the public, although this could push the cost up to over £500 - but it's a price some disillusioned consumers may be willing to pay.

This latest report pegs a gPhone launch as early as next year in the US - we will keep you posted.