Orange has unveiled "Monkey", describing it as the first pay as you go package for the UK market that offers free music to customers when they top up their mobile.

Slightly convoluted - and with limited content - the scheme, that will arguably not be so attractive if the likes of Spotify get round to releasing a mobile app, sees Orange Monkey customers getting free access to streamed playlist-based music from the Universal Music label if they top up their phone a minimum of £10 per month.

Dialling 247 on handsets gives customers access to eight pre-set genre-based playlists via the phone call so no media player required. In addition, customers can set up eight of their own playlists via the online music player that can then be shared.

Aimed at the 14 to 16 "youth" market, Monkey also offers free texts, the ability for playlists to be shared on social networks and access to competitions and artist interviews.

Channel 4's 4Music is getting involved with promoting the new package with the 4Music team also due to be the "editorial voice" of the official Monkey website and setting the playlist content.

There will be more info at from 30 July.