Multiple reports are suggesting that O2's exclusive on the Apple iPhone, that dates back to November 2007, is soon to come to an end in the UK.

As O2's agreement with Apple to be the only UK operator that can sell the touchscreen phone is nearing the end of its terms, it's being reported that both Orange, who offers the iPhone in France, and T-Mobile who has it in Germany, will become Apple partners in the UK.

In what's being described as a bid to boost sales, T-Mobile and Orange are rumoured to be due to offer the older iPhone 3G model from as early as September, while O2 will hang onto the exclusive rights to sell the newer iPhone 3GS.

Mobile Today cites "sources" as saying O2 is "furious" with the news and concerned the rival operators will undercut its arguably high pricing - some potential good news for the consumer.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile has confirmed to The Register that it is in talks to offer the handset, while callers to its sales centres are being informed the same.

O2 has told Pocket-lint: "We have a multi-year successful and exclusive agreement with Apple to sell iPhone in the UK. This relationship continues", while T-Mobile has said it does not comment on speculation, despite, if the reports are to be believed, starting it.

We will keep you posted.