Non-iPhone users have long been envious of Apple’s Visual Voicemail, but it seems that might come to an end, at least in France.

Orange is launching their own visual voicemail solution, unimaginatively titled "Visual Voicemail".

For smartphone users, this will enable them to browse and listen to their messages in a non-chronological order, as the messages will appear as text in their inbox detailing the sender, length and time of message. As with the iPhone, it will be possible to skip ahead through the actual listening of messages, as well as rewind and pause them.

Non-smartphone users haven’t been forgotten. Orange customers will receive text messages with the sender, duration and date of the voicemail, as well as one click access to the voicemail from the text message.

According to a spokesperson, Orange’s Visual Voicemail is “on the roadmap” for the UK, although as it’s only being released in France towards the end of this year, it will be a while 'til it makes an appearance.