Orange has announced it is launching a new range of mobile widgets that will give customers instant access to information via their Orange homescreens.

As part of the operator's new "mobile multimedia" strategy, a selection of "simple, connected" mobile widgets, such as weather updates and news alerts will be offered on its Signature range.

"Orange wants all of its customers to benefit from access to compelling content, not just the current few with sophisticated and multi-functional phones", said Yves Maitre, SVP devices, Orange.

"With our new 'out of the box' widget experience, customers can simply turn on their phone and choose from a great selection of services via their Homescreen".

"By simplifying and widening access to these services, we are driving usage by helping more customers find new and useful things to do with their mobiles".

Orange's widget experience will be launched in May 2009 and be rolled out across all European markets.