Orange has announced new products in its mobile broadband portfolio, with two new devices in its consumer "connected" range and a new dongle with data storage capacity.

The new devices are the HP Compaq Mini 700 and Toshiba L300 that will be available on 24 month contracts, that Orange says allows consumers to choose a device without the need to pay the full price upfront.

The HP Compaq Mini 700 is a 10.1-inch netbook and will be available on £30 per month contracts.

The Toshiba L300, a 15.4-inch full fat laptop, will be available on £35 per month contracts.

Both the HP Compaq Mini 700 and the Toshiba L300 come with Orange's "Internet Everywhere" mobile broadband service and dongle, as well as a 3GB monthly data allowance and 24 month manufacturer warranty.

In addition, Orange has announced the availability of the Huawei E160e dongle in black, white and pink that offers support for an 8GB microSD card.

All offers will be available from Orange shops, via telesales and the Orange web site at