Following Pocket-lint's revelation that this was in the pipeline, Orange has now announced it will be bringing the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 to its Pay As You Go customers.

The smartphone will be priced at £145 and customers will be able to take out a "BlackBerry Internet Service" that provides email, messaging and web access whilst on the move for £5 a month, offered on a monthly rolling subscription in addition to one of Orange's PAYG "Animal" packages.

Said to be "as a result of the growing demand for a BlackBerry smartphone with PAYG service", Orange will be the first operator in the UK to offer one of RIM's smartphones on a PAYG basis.

The PAYG BlackBerry 8120 - available in indigo only - will be available from early February.

Carphone Warehouse will also be offering BlackBerrys on a PAYG basis with the BlackBerry 8110 in silver and the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in pink for £150.