Orange users access a staggering 166 million pages of social networking websites on their mobiles every month.

The info is from Orange's Digital Media Index that reveals a "marked increase" in mobile data usage, which has almost doubled in the last quarter.

Orange says that the evolution of social networking to the mobile platform, combined with more effective promotion of on portal content and services, means consumers are now accessing the content they want, quicker and easier than ever before.

"This latest report reflects a transition in mobile similar to what is taking place on the web - mobile is no longer simply a channel for brands to deliver packaged content in a manner of their choosing", said Paul Jevons, director of products, portals and services for Orange.

"Instead the mobile phone has become a truly interactive channel that fosters the formation of communities through social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo".

"It also delivers content that is personally tailored to the individual so customers can access the services they want how and when they want them".