A rising number of the laptops that Orange offers on its various broadband tariffs will have an embedded SIM.

Lured by the promise of details of a new device soon to be available to Orange customers which didn't actually materialise, Pocket-lint went along to an intimate London event with some of the top bods from Orange UK.

Whilst the event was focused upon what services business users can get from Orange at the moment, director of devices, Francois Mahieu, also hinted at moves that could also affect consumers.

In particular, the company is looking to dramatically increase its portfolio of laptops with an embedded SIM.

Pointing to the fact that Orange has both a broadband and a mobile business, Mahieu said: "We want Orange to be a one-stop-shop for getting connected. Almost one third of the laptops that we will sell to consumers next year will have a SIM embedded".

Mahieu also hinted that the company may soon offer the same sort of Care packages to those who buy laptops as its mobile phone customers already enjoy.

But, as more broadband customers go for laptop deals, Mahieu implied that Orange may tie machines to specific operators, as all of the SIM loaded laptops are at the moment.

On the business side of things, Orange is soon to add support for BlackBerry devices for its Orange Device Management tool, said Michael Lawrence, head of propositions, and compatibility with laptops is also "on the roadmap".