Despite delivery problems, T-Mobile has sold a whooping 120,000 3G iPhones to date.

The phone launched with the telecoms company on 11 July.

But, as its chief executive, Hamid Akhavan told German weekly magazine Focus, the phone's arrival was beset with problems.

Pointing to the fact that Apple has decided to launch the phone in 22 countries at the same time, Akahavan admitted T-Mobile, like many other companies, had problems meeting demand.

Some iPhone orders were not fulfilled for several weeks but he added that the company was going to finally clear its order backlog by the end of this month.

But despite these distribution problems, sales have had T-Mobile execs rubbing their hands in glee.

"Our (sales) expectations were surpassed", Akhavan said in the interview, adding the carrier had sold 75,000 iPhones in Germany alone.