According to a new survey, Orange customers are suffering from spam bombardment.

The research from ClearMyMail has led to the compiling of a chart based on how much spam customers from the UK's top ISPs receive.

And Orange has come top of the list.

Nearly 97% of email that ends up in Orange customers' inboxes is spam, according to ClearMyMail.

Mistral Internet was the next worst, with a rate of just over 94%.

89% of emails for BT customers was spam, compared to 82% of the mail in the inboxes of Tiscali customers.

The survey also found that, overall, spam levels have risen significantly in the second quarter of 2008.

ClearMyMail says it blocked an average of 30,846 spam emails per customer between April and June, compared to just 8156 between January and March.

Dan Field, managing director of ClearMyMail, said: "These statistics are becoming increasingly worrying and for the average amount of spam blocked per person to have nearly quadrupled in the last three months suggests that action desperately needs to be taken."

Orange, however, has since defended itself explaining that although it does let spam mails into its customers' inboxes, it clearly labels suspected spam as such, making it easy to remove.

It said that this is a better method of dealing with spam than accidentally blocking legitimate mail.