Orange Business Services has announced the expansion of Orange Mail Internet Service - OMIS - its own label mobile email solution for business.

The new OMIS is now available as an add-on bundle, or as a Pay As You Connect (PAYC) service, with bundle prices starting at £5.11 per month for a 250MB data allowance while the PAYC service costs £2.50 per month plus normal data costs.

Orange says that OMIS works on handsets not traditionally associated with mobile email (it's compatible with Nokia Series 40, Nokia Series 60 and a range of Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile devices) and provides customers with a "low-cost, reliable and easy-to-use alternative" to email on the phone.

Promising a straightforward, user-friendly set-up process, customers can try the service by texting "OMIS" to 247 from their Orange device.