This year mobile phone operator Orange will celebrate a 10-year partnership with Glastonbury, the "largest and most renowned" music festival in the world.

To mark its 10-year team-up Orange is planning to trial some interesting sounding tech, as has become customary in the past few years.

The partnership began in 2000 with Orange's Mobile Charging Truck in 2000, which could simultaneously charge 50 phones - last year 65,000 festival goers took advantage of Orange's juice up opportunities.

And following on from the Orange Mobile Wind Charger - the UK’s first wind-powered phone charger designed as a prototype to attach to the top of your tent - this year the company plan an even more bonkers charging solution.

In 2008 Orange will unveil an evolution from last years mobile wind charger as well as a new trial designed to capture kinetic energy created by dancing, to recharge your mobile phone.

Glastonbury takes place at the end of June - with no doubt more details on the boogie-charging device to be revealed nearer the time.