It looks as if after a slow, controlled roll-out Apple's iPhone will soon be available across most of Europe.

France Telecom's Orange, the official partner for the iPhone in France since November last year, has announced it is in discussions with Apple to sell the iPhone in more European countries.

The company's chief financial officer Gervais Pellissier has revealed they are in talks to sell the phone outside France, in particular regard to Spain and Poland, "among others".

This follows the news that UK-based operator Vodafone has announced an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in 10 of its markets around the globe.

Vodafone has said that from later in the year it will sell the iPhone in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa.

In addition to Vodafone selling the iPhone in Italy, Telecom Italia Mobile, the biggest operator in the country, will also sell the device, marking the end of Apple's exclusive partner business model.