There was a time when a bus journey would be broken up by constant, and less than melodic, excerpts from the latest chart toppers emitted from some teeny bopper's phone.

But now it's the whole song - hooray!

According to Orange, mobile phone users aren't buying ringtones anymore but are taking advantage of the multimedia facilities on their phones to download full-length songs.

Its latest figures show that ringtone downloads fell from 117,000 to 100,000 from December to January, while the total for song downloads hit a new record high of 290,000 full-length tracks.

And the increasing number of mobiles with decent cameras has impacted the number of wallpaper image downloads.

Nevertheless, Orange’s 15.6 million customers still downloaded 100,000 images a month over the 3 months to January 2008.

We're still texting though - Orange customers sent an average of more than 1.3 billion text messages each month between November and January.