Orange has announced that it will launch a new text service in the UK that will allow you to monitor calories in the food you eat on the go.

Launching later in the year, the new service, called e-diet, will let Orange customers text in what they are about to eat to get the calorie count making sure they stay on track.

The service, which is yet to be finalised could be advertising-funded or subscription-based Orange has said.

Using the example of a bride hoping to get into a wedding dress, those looking to lose weight will be able text the service and get an instant text back on the calorie count, the Nokia N95 will be able to snap a picture of the barcode and send it to Orange to get the same information.

"From a technology stand point it would be very easy - but we must make sure there is the whole experience", a spokesperson told Pocket-lint when asked when we would see the service become a reality.

An Orange spokesperson told Pocket-lint that the company hopes to introduce a video response giving consumers on the wane even greater incentive to keep up the diet in the near future.

The move comes just a month after Samsung announced a fitness-focused mobile phone called miCoach that allows users to keep track of their fitness with a personalised training programme.