Orange has extended its Business Everywhere mobile broadband offering to include what they are describing as "unlimited" and "daily unlimited" usage allowance.

Of course there are see-footnote-asterisks for these unlimiteds and they reveal that the monthly unlimited deal is subject to 3GB monthly "Fair Usage Policy" while the daily deal is likewise for 1GB.

Business Everywhere Unlimited will offer unlimited data access (subject to that 3GB monthly "Fair Usage Policy") for £17 a month on a 24 month contract.

Business Everywhere Daily will give occasional mobile workers the flexibility to try mobile data to see how they like it with unlimited data access (subject to that 1GB daily "Fair Usage Policy") at a day rate of £7 with no minimum contract requirements.

Business Everywhere Unlimited comes with an Option ICON 225 modem, what's claimed to be the smallest form factor on the market at roughly the same size as a USB memory stick.

Two hundred and fifty minutes of UK Wi-Fi access is also included in the package with Wi-Fi access available at over 10,000 hotspots across the UK.