Orange UK has announced that it has improved both its data bundles and data roaming tariffs.

This improvements apparently offer customers greater flexibility and pricing transparency.

The Orange Business Everywhere data bundles include both roaming and Wi-Fi access, giving Orange customers access to 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and over 30,000 wireless hotspots internationally.

Meanwhile the claim with the newly launched Orange Travel Data Bundles is that they will give customers some of the best roaming pricing in the UK market.

Orange Travel Data Bundles can be added to the customer's underlying data card or PDA tariff and are priced according to the locations in which they travel.

New Business Everywhere pricing means that for £25 a month customers will have unlimited laptop based data roaming across the UK 3G/GPRS network plus 250 minutes per month of Wi-Fi access on Orange partner networks with a free datacard available on longer length contracts.

Business Everywhere Traveller offers unlimited access to data across the UK 3G/GPRS network, 250 minutes per month of Wifi access in the UK plus 15MB of global data roaming on Orange partner networks per month with a free datacard for £45 a month.