Orange is to take on Sky and Microsoft with a home media server and combined PVR called the Home Library.

Although currently still only in concept stage, the digital media hub will connect to your Livebox or ADSL broadband router and allow you to not only record TV shows, but have full access to the files stored on the box via your mobile phone.

The device would mean that users wouldn't have to worry about leaving important files at home and can share documents, music, images and video.

The concept design also has the ability to stream video via the internet to a remote device, and like Sky set the recorder going via a EPG as long a you've got network coverage where you are.

Coming with a minimum of 500GB hard drive, an Orange spokesman said that we can expect it to become a reality by the end of 2008.

In related news, the operator has also laid out plans to launch a Film and TV show download site.

The site, which won't require you to be an Orange customer to use it, will work like Sky's Anytime download package and allow you to buy or rent movies to watch on your PC.

Downloaded files will also be mobile phone format friendly, and will be able to be transferred to up to five other devices.