Orange has announced that it is reaching out to consumers that can't get an ADSL connection by launching a broadband router with built-in SIM card.

Called the Flybox, the device will offer consumers anywhere beyond the 3 kilometres range of the exchange the chance to get broadband regardless of what their fixed line offering can get them.

The news is likely to be welcomed by those still waiting to get fast broadband at home in the UK.

The device, which works in a similar way to the company's Livebox offering will offer Wi-Fi, four LAN sockets and the ability to connect a regular phone to the device that will work on the mobile SIM card.

Connection speed wise, the Flybox offers broadband internet access at speeds of up to 1Mbps, a voice line with a mobile or fixed number and a home or offer network with shared internet connection.

The device will be available in Spain in January, and the UK later next year.