T-Mobile has issued a press statement regarding the court order Vodafone brought against the rival mobile company regarding the German deal for the iPhone.

Vodafone got the order, through a court in Hamburg, claiming that the way the iPhone is being sold in Germany, exclusively through T-Mobile, is wrong for that particular territory and customers should not be forced to sign up to a 2-year deal.

The German Vodafone chief executive Friedrich Joussen said in a statement that they want consumers to be able to buy the iPhone without tying themselves into a long contract.

"We want it to be available to buyers without a mandatory calling plan", he said. "If I had wanted to halt sales, I could have, but I didn't."

T-Mobile, who has 2 weeks to officially respond to the court and file an appeal has defended its sales of Apple's mobile.

The release issued by T-Mobile outlines the fact that iPhone customers get preferential tariffs and services and access to T-Mobile HotSpots.

The company is continuing to offer the iPhone now, and plans to appeal against the court's ruling.

UPDATE: Dow Jones is reporting that T-Mobile will offer an unlocked iPhone for 999 euros, which equals about £720. This is compared to the 399 euros, plus 2-year contract price from the operator.

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