It has been announced that, as expected, Orange will get the iPhone deal for France.

France Telecom's Chief exec Didier Lombard made the statement but, in a less informative launch than Germany's T-Mobile agreement, did not provide details of price, saying only that the phone "would not be subsidised".

Availability was also left up in the air for French Apple-fans with the news that the iPhone will be available in France "before Christmas, probably in November".

Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile division will sell Apple's iPhone in Germany, where the device will go on sale in November 9th, the same launch date as in the UK.

The iPhone will cost 399 euros in Germany - almost exactly the same price as here in the UK, but will require sign-up to a 2-year contract.

The iPhone in the UK was announced by Steve Jobs on Tuesday and will go on sale for £269 exclusive to O2.