Reports suggest that Orange is threatening tomorrow's music download and mobile phone launch from Nokia at the 11th hour.

Nokia is due to launch their iTunes rivalling music download service tomorrow, as well as at least one handset - the music-friendly super-capable N81.

With operators seeing increasing revenue from music downloads it's not a surprise that at least one is kicking up a stink at the thought of Nokia muscling on their turf.

Nokia's move into this area has been much discussed; it's thought that with Apple moving into the phone market with the iPhone, Nokia was spurred to move into the music market with their forthcoming service, thought to be due to go live in the Autumn.

Orange, making things difficult in this particular scenario, sees more than 100,000 single tracks are downloaded on its UK network every month - so you would assume it's a fairly large source of revenue for the operator.

Orange has apparently refused to agree to offer the new service unless it can trial Nokia's download service against the performance of its own product.

The reports suggest that talks between Orange and Nokia have hit an impasse, and in a "strongly worded memo" to Nokia execs, Orange has said it will to "derange" the handset unless Nokia agrees to its terms.

"If this proposal is not accepted, we will regrettably be forced to derange this handset", the alleged memo warns.

The memo, stating that Nokia is going to offer two variants of the N81, a 1GB model as well as the 8GB version we are expecting, wants the 1GB version to offer just Orange's music services.

Orange wants to get large numbers of the "exclusive blue N81" but that if Nokia does not agree, is threatening to work with other handset makers to fill the gap. A "deadline" of August 31st has apparently been set.

Pocket-lint will be attending the launch tomorrow and will bring you news on the N81, the music download service, and any other other info we can glean as soon as we can...