Orange, the mobile phone operator, is about to launch an exclusive pink version of LG's Shine mobile phone in an attempt to appeal to the woman who wants everything to be pink.

The phone, which will be identical to the silver version of the phone, is expected to be launched shortly sources told Pocket-lint and follows similar colours variants in LG's Chocolate range of handsets.

There is one change, however, the lights on the front of the design have been changed to match the colour code. They will also be pink.

The news comes just over a month to the date of the announcement from LG that it was releasing a Titanium Black version of its phone.

Like the new pink version due to hit the shops, the phone boasts the same features as the original LG Shine handset.

A fully metal-bodied super-slim handset, the LG Shine launched in the UK market in February 2007.

Features of note include a 2 megapixel camera by Schneider Kreuznach and MP3 player (with MP3 WAV and AAC++), GPRS and EDGE network compatibility and Bluetooth.