In move spun to make it look like a great deal for the customer, but in fact following the letter of the new laws laid down by the European Union as regards mobile phone roaming charges, Orange has today announced the launch of its new European roaming rates for consumers.

Available from 30th August 2007, the cost of making a call from an Orange phone will be 38p a minute while the cost of receiving them will be 19p per minute.

Again as part of the EU timescale, Orange is contacting its customers throughout July to make them aware of the new roaming rates.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers will receive a text message and the new rates will be communicated through the monthly mail communication to Pay Monthly (PAYM) customers.

Another EU initiative gets put into place - Orange customers can check exactly how much a call is going to be while they're away, by texting "FROM [COUNTRY]" to 452 for PAYG customers and 159 for PAYM customers. Orange will then confirm the cost of the call with no charge to the customer.

Expect similar announcements from other operators soon.