Looking to steal a large chunk of Vodafone's 3G data card business, T-Mobile has today announced an identical HSDPA-enabled USB modem with a price package of half the price of the Vodafone offering.

The company which will be selling the modem for £30 compared to Vodafone's £50 is hoping to target what is says is a "growing group of consumers who don’t have landlines or internet at home but would like the flexibility and convenience of having internet to use with their laptop".

The device is available from free on 18 and 24 month contracts, or £29.99 on a 12 month contract, for as little as £29 per month compared to Vodafone's £53 a month offering.

Like the Vodafone USB modem, the device is also the first modem from T-Mobile to support Apple Macs, as well as Microsoft Windows.