It's been found that the ultra multimedia, glossy and fully-featured Nokia N95 has had it's VoIP capability disabled by Orange and Vodafone.

Although there has been no official statement by Orange and Vodafone it is claimed that both networks have dodged the issue by removing the VoIP feature from the phone to prevent loss of revenue from standard calls.

Truphone, a VoIP application developer discovered that the VoIP software they supply for the handset only appears on models from selected mobile networks or as a purchase from the Nokia website. The company tried installing their VoIP technology but to no avail.

Each operator does have their own variant of the Nokia software pre-installed on the phone handset with their own branding or particular applications for the network. However, it has been taken one step further by not including a piece of key software from a key player in the VoIP market, Truphone.

T-Mobile has confirmed it is in no way restricting the use of the phone. The network that offers flexible web'n'walk packages recently introduced its Blackberry Pearl in white and will be launching its Wi-Fi service on the Heathrow Express next week.

The Nokia N95 comes with VoIP, GPS and Video capabilities and is out now.