The BlackBerry took a giant leap with new models, designs and styles released all over the mobile market in the past year. T-Mobile has pushed it a step further with a new white version of the BlackBerry Pearl.

Not settling with a standard style and colour, from this week T-Mobile will be stock its stores with the new designer-style smartphone. It hosts all the features of the original BlackBerry Pearl including its offer of Web'n'walk internet access and email, plus its call options (smart dialling, conference calling, speakerphone, speed dial and call forwarding).

T-Mobile’s smartphone also supports quad-band network for international roaming. To make the multitude of communication accessories easy to use, it comes with an enhanced version of RIM's SureType QWERTY keypad as well as Bluetooth and the more-or-less standard MP3 ringtones.

The BlackBerry Pearl is only available on a contract from T-Mobile, it will be free on a Flext 35 (£35 per month) or Flext 50 (£50 per month) for a 12 or 18 month contract.