Orange broadband customers have been without internet service since yesterday afternoon at about 4pm.

The fault is said to be caused by “network equipment failure”, and affects those customers who are connected to Orange's LLU or Local Loop Unbundled network. This network uses equipment installed by Orange instead of BT.

It's not clear how many of Orange's 1 million broadband subscribers are affected by the outage. A statement on Orange's website says that engineers are working “to rectify the problem as quickly as possible”, and already service to 20% of the affected subscribers is up and running again.

Orange acquired ISP Wanadoo earlier this year and was therefore able to supply broadband internet service as part of a package that includes mobile phone and landline service as well.

“We are working to restore normal service to all customers as quickly as possible”, an Orange spokesperson told the BBC. “We apologise to those customers affected.”