Orange has launched a photography service that will allow customers to back-up and store digital and mobile photos, in one place when they are out and about.

From today, customers can now upload pictures to an online photo album as they are taken, however rather than offer the service for free like countless of other online photo galleries, Orange has opted to charge customers £4 per month.

As soon as a customer takes a photo on their handset, the Orange Photography service gives users an automatic prompt to send their shot to the photo album for sharing and printing.

This auto-upload application will be pre-installed on the soon to be launched Nokia N80 and is downloadable to customers from Orange World with compatible devices including the Nokia N70, 6680, 6630, 6230i.

For the £4 a month fee customers will be able to upload an unlimited amount of photos from the phone to the album within the UK and the price also includes 30 MMS messages in the bundle.

The online photo album comes with 200MB of space, enough for approximately 1000 medium-res photos. Users are able to store, add and edit digital images stored on their PC or Mac.

The photo album is powered by online photo service PhotoBox.