Orange has launched a new price plan pigeon holing customers into four types of animal to better serve their needs.

Never one to claim that the individual is more important that collective, Orange's new simplified way of offering services to its customers is to call and group them as animals.

Orange has identified four specific customer types within the mobile market - the highly sociable, those who see their phone as a tool not a toy, those who love to chat, and those who expect extras as standard.

The highly sociable customer would choose a package from Dolphin, those who use their phone as a tool not a toy would choose a package from Racoon, those who love to chat would choose a package within Canary, and those who like extras as standard would choose a package from Panther.

Research showed that these packages acted as useful signposts for customers, with the different animal names resonating among the specific target audiences.

Neil Macgeorge, Director of Pay Monthly for Orange said: "we…identified four clear behavioural patterns around which we've built our new packages”.

The new animal packages have been initially launched to Pay Monthly customers. Pay as you go packages will be launched later in the year.

Within each package, customers choosing an 18 month contract also benefit from the newly introduced "Magic Numbers". Magic Numbers allows customers to nominate their most frequently called Orange number. They can then make calls of up to an hour to that number and won't pay for more than a minute. Every 6 months Pay Monthly customers can choose an additional Magic Number.

The racoon picture was taken by Ellie Hogeveen