Orange has announced the launch of Calling Tunes a service that takes mobile phone personalisation to a whole new level.

Calling Tunes will let users choose music to play to callers while they're waiting for you to answer your phone. Orange customers can order Calling Tunes today by visiting the Orange World mobile portal or by calling 477 on any Orange mobile.

Calling Tunes cost £2.50 per track and under the Orange TRY offer customers can choose one free tune from a special selection to get them started.

According to Orange, Hundreds of music tracks are available to choose from with more added every week ranging from the latest chart hits to film, TV and sports themes.

Specific tunes can be set for certain friends and family members or one tune can be set for all callers. The tunes play alongside the ‘ring ring' tone, which callers hear while they're waiting for the other person to pick up.

Calling Tunes is available to all pay monthly and pay as you go customers.