Orange has expanded its Signature devices for business range with the launch of the SPV C600 smartphone and the SPV M3000, a wireless PDA. Both devices support high-speed data access by using EDGE technology.

The SPV C600, which is virtually identical to the SPV C500 bar the support for windows Mobile 5.0 allows customers to access their email, use their calendar and synchronise data with their desktop, as well as making calls and sending text messages in the usual way.

The SPV M3000 offers customers the same ability to do business effectively while on the move, with the addition of a high quality PDA screen and a full keyboard.

Both devices have built-in email and real time syncing with Microsoft Outlook.

Orange is the first operator in Europe to deliver a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-based smartphone.

The SPV C600 will be available in France, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland from the end of October and in Romania, Belgium, Slovakia and Poland from the first week of November.

The SPV M3000 will be available in France from the end of October and in Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia and Romania from the first week of November.

The SPV C600 will be available at a sub £250 price point and the SPV M3000 at sub £350.

Pocket-lint asked Orange why the M3000 wouldn't be coming to the UK - it's response was:

"Orange is committed to providing its customers with a wide choice of best-in-class devices. Orange is committed to ensuring that the devices it offers are well supported. In certain countries, where Orange already has
a range of devices similar to the M3000, Orange has decided not to release the SVP M3000 there"