Orange is following hot on the heels of 3, the 3G operator, and offering its customers dual downloads from its music download service to launch next month.

The service will allow management, storage and preview of tracks from the Orange Music catalogue, and enables the transfer of digital music (e.g., MP3) from PCs to Orange phones.

Music Player is accompanied by Music Player Manager, a web-based companion that synchronises with the Orange phone, allowing users to manage music files and create personal playlists online before transferring them to their mobile. Orange customers can also use Music Player Manager to access, preview and purchase music online from the 300,000 tracks available.

The new service also allows for complete track back-up, ensuring their purchased tracks and playlists can be retrieved should their handset be upgraded, lost or stolen.

The service will be available on 11 handsets from Orange initially with the SPV C550 being the flagship handset. The phone will launch with a stereo jack for connectivity to standard headphones and a stereo cable, allowing users to plug into a home stereo.

The handset, which runs on the Windows Mobile operating system, also features one of the best speakerphones found on any mobile. The SPV C550 boasts 64MB of internal memory with an additional 512MB Mini SD card providing enough combined capacity to store approximately 700 tracks.

The new music service will be available on 1st November. Individual tracks are priced at £1.50 each.