Orange as we predicted, has launched its 3G services in the UK this week. The company is offering 70% coverage, 10% more than Vodafone, across the UK and seamless 2G/3G handover.

There will be four handsets available straight away with two more following shortly.

The six handsets are, the LG U8150, the Sony Ericsson Z1010, the Sanyo S750, the Samsung Z107, the Nokia 6630 and the Motorola C975. The LG, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo and Samsung phones will all be available at launch

Live Vodafone's Vodafone Live! Service Orange is placing a lot of emphasis on its Orange World service that will give users content. Entertainment and information services include:

- Sky News video feeds (updated every five hours)
- Exclusive video clips from the Star Wars films (including previews of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)
- Film trailers and movie clips from The Incredibles, Shrek and other cinema blockbusters
- Music and ringtone downloads from Warner music, EMI, BMG, Universal Music, Ministry of Sound
- Console-style games including Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, EA Sports™ FIFA 2005 and Tiger Woods PGA® Tour 2005
- Exclusive inside access to Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool as well as a host of other football clubs
- Practical applications such as Traffic TV. The service, launched exclusively by Orange and developed in conjunction with Trafficmaster and regional road transport agencies, gives customers a comprehensive picture of traffic conditions on the UK's motorways and trunk roads and direct access to video of road conditions from selected motorway CCTV cameras across the UK.

Unlike 3's 3G service the phones won't be locked either so you can have access to the internet.

In a move to up the ante on its competitors even further, Orange are also offering the service for £30. As well as voice minutes and texts, the monthly charge includes access to Orange World, email and the Internet (up to 50mb), as well as 60 minutes of free video calls per month. (see appendix below for more information on pricing).

50Mb will give you according to Orange over 60 minutes of film clips, or over 3,000 Mobile Internet pages or to send or receive over 20,000 emails without attachments.