UPDATE: Orange has confrimed that it will be launching 3G services to the UK. Similar to Vodafone, Ornage has confirmed that it will be launching a 3G Mobile office card for business users before launching consumer handsets. Additionally at the news conference this morning Orange also confirmed that they will be offering Sony Ericsson and LG phones at launch.

Orange is set to unveil plans tomorrow for its 3G rollout in the UK. The service, which was originally due to be launched earlier this year in February was put back to the July 1st deadline to allow for further testing. It is also believed that Orange will confirm its 3G phone suppliers at the same news conference tomorrow. Hot contenders are Motorola and LG.

LG's LG U8110 has been a popular choice with three network users, however with the majority of phone manufacturers now offering 3G enabled phones Orange has plenty to choose from before making its mind up.

The 3G market is slowly heating up in the UK after much fanfare and a slow start with rumours that Vodafone will move into the consumer 3G sector in September. T-Mobile is yet to announce its gameplan for its 3G services.

We will be updating this story as more news breaks