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(Pocket-lint) - EE has announced Stay Connected data, which will allow pay monthly customers to keep messaging even when they've run out of data.

The aim is to make sure that there is still some connection for devices once that data limit is reached: rather than the door slamming shut, EE is going to allow some data to trickle through - and we mean trickle.

The data rate that EE is citing is 0.5Mbps download. That's going to allow for the delivery of messages that use data services, like Apple iMessage, Google's chat messages that use RCS, or WhatsApp.

On those services, if you have no data connection, messages will stop being sent and received until you find a friendly Wi-Fi network or your monthly data allowance starts again - and that can leave some people disconnected for a period of time.


Under Stay Connected, that should never happen because there will be this trickle allowing those smaller data packets to get through and make sure that messages can still be sent and received, but you won't, for example, be able to fire up a FaceTime for a video chat.

EE says that the offer is available for new or upgrading pay monthly customers and it will bring peace of mind to parents trying to keep track of kids, friends who are always smashing through their data and plenty more.

Elsewhere, EE is also enabling Wi-Fi Calling for pay as you go customers, meaning they can make those important calls from locations without a network connection, while 4G calling (also known as VoLTE) is rolling out for those with compatible PAYG handsets, again giving greater connectivity options.

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This should all mean that more people are connected more of the time - and old excuse of "I ran out of data" or "I didn't have any reception" might become less common.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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