(Pocket-lint) - It's safe to say that 5G is here. You might remember that it's been here since early 2019 when the first coverage actually started appearing around the UK, but 2020 feels like the real watershed, especially now the iPhone 12 Family has arrived complete with 5G connectivity.

Mainstream phone makers like Samsung have started to make it seriously attractive to get onto the fastest network. The range of choice from lots of different manufacturers is only getting bigger. Once you've picked out your 5G phone, though, you might be unsure of which network to plump for. 

EE is the UK's number one network for a reason, and its 5G coverage is spreading all the time, so we thought it'd make sense to give you some reasons to go for EE's 5G. 

1. Award-winning coverage

Independent testing by RootMetrics found EE’s 5G network to be the no.1 in the UK, offering 5G in more places than any other UK network with the highest 5G availability in all major UK cities tested.

2. 5G in more places

EE has 5G in more places than any other UK operator. The mobile phone operator has rolled out 5G over 112 UK locations including places like Aberdeen, Aldershot, Barrhead, Blackpool, Castleford, Crawley, Mirfield, Oxford, Porthcawl, Shipley, Stafford, Warwick, as well as our nation's capital cities like London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. That means that you'll be able to rely on getting the fast speeds as you move around the country, helping with productivity if you're working on the move, or relaxation and connectivity if not.

3. 5G plans to suit you

EE has mobile plans that are designed with the iPhone in mind. EE’s recently launched Full Works Plan for iPhone – features uncapped unlimited data and inclusive access to Apple entertainment services like Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade as standard, plus 24 months access to BT Sport included when purchased before 15.01.2021. That's tough to argue with.

4. Match Day Experience

EE's Match Day Experience offers the most immersive sports experience in the UK combining 360-degree pitch-side viewing, Watch Together support and behind the scenes access to some of the biggest stadiums with AR and is available inclusively to those who take out a 5G iPhone on an EE Full Works Plan.

5. Because EE's 4G is super fast when you're not in a 5G area

EE was the first with 4G and the first with 5G. The thing about EE's network, though, is that it is brilliant even if you're not using 5G - and that is still great for 5G users. Every so often it's likely that you'll be somewhere that doesn't have 5G coverage quite yet. In those cases, though, you'll just drop down to EE's 4G, which is still the fastest in the country, and a network that consumers have been loving for its speed for years now.