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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has finally taken the wraps off its latest collection of flagship smartphones, showing off the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra for the first time. The phones bring some amazing new features to the table, from almost unbelievable zoom in their cameras to whip-smart UI and speed. 

Even the best smartphone, though, can be limited by the mobile network you're using it on. Whether that's because your connections are unreliable, or the 5G internet is slower than it should be, or because your network doesn't even offer 5G in the first place, frustrations can rear up easily. 


Luckily for you, though, there's an easy answer in store - just go with EE. It's Britain's fastest network, and if you're thinking of picking up a Galaxy S20 it's the smart choice for your network provider. Check out three reasons why EE's a perfect match for the Galaxy S20. 

1. 5G in more locations than any other network

5G is the next big thing - you probably already knew that, but there's a good chance that you haven't got a 5G phone yet. That's because there aren't many, with the likes of Apple and Google so far not upgrading to the new super-fast standard.

Samsung's taken the plunge, though, letting you pick from non-5G or 5G variants of the Galaxy S20. If you do choose to pick a version that supports the new network, you'll be in for a whole new experience of mobile internet.

It sees an end to your connection getting choked out in busy places, since it has a much bigger bandwidth limit. Plus, your mobile internet speed will quite simply skyrocket, making web browsing and streaming feel instantaneous. It could even deliver 1GB/s speed, trumping almost everyone's home broadband speeds easily. 

Plus, with unlimited data you can watch, stream and game without any speed caps, and you can even gift spare data from your first 120GB to your friends and family. With the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G on EE you'll basically feel like you're living in the future, while everyone around you moves in slow motion. 

2. Take advantage of amazing benefits

It's great to have the blistering speed of 5G, or even simply the already-impressive connectivity of EE's huge 4G coverage network, but the best way to maximise that experience is by taking advantage of extras and bonuses that EE can offer. 

For one thing, all contracts come with 6 free months of Apple Music, to let you stream music as much as you like, but you can also add great little services on to your package whenever you like with the My EE app. Whether you want access to BT Sport's app so that you can watch the Champions League knockout stages, or want the bonus of connecting to the London Underground's Wi-Fi when you're down beneath the surface, it's all just a tap away. 

Brilliantly, if you're into your TV then pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with EE could make perfect sense - EE's throwing in six months of membership for Britbox, the new streaming service housing the biggest ever range of classic British TV. 

Maybe you're an avid streamer or gamer - EE has data passes available to let you play certain popular games or use streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer without draining your data allowance. Those are the sorts of benefits that will be really useful day-to-day, to help that commute or journey go by without costing you extra. 

3. That 5G coverage is rolling out more and more quickly

There's no doubt that having a 5G mobile will be the norm within a couple of years, just as 4G quickly became standard. You'll surely want, then, to be on the network rolling out 5G around the country more and more, to ensure that even as you travel around you're still covered by the fastest connection possible. 

EE has launched 5G coverage in more than 50 towns and cities around the UK so far, with many more in the pipeline. That means that with the Samsung Galaxy S20 in hand, you'll get blistering speeds regardless of whether you're based in London or further afield. 

You can pre-order the Galaxy S20 through EE right here, to make sure that you get your hands on the new handset at the earliest possible time. Order the Galaxy S20+ 5G or S20 Ultra 5G by 8th March to claim your free pair of Samsung’s incredible wireless earphones.

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