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(Pocket-lint) - EE has announces a brand new range of plans - which it calls Smart Plans - seeking to offer the most flexibility and versatility, while simultaneously preparing the groundwork for 5G phone use cases. 

In essence, the plans are about making sure you can watch, download and stream to your heart's content, while also being able to use your phone wherever you go, without having to worry about lots of additional charges. 

A big part of the plans is the included swappable benefits option, which allows you to chop and change between a number of different features to suit your needs at any given time. 

For instance, you can add the Video Data Pass which lets you stream video over your cellular connection without using any of the data allowance from your plan. The Music Data Pass is the same, but for music streaming. 

As for sports fans, you can choose the BT Sport benefit, which lets you use the BT Sport app for free to stream and watch football as much as you like, and even AirPlay/Cast to a big screen. 

There's also the Roam Further benefit, which allows you to use your plan minutes, texts and data allowances in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. This one might not be something you need active all the time, but being a swappable benefit means you can switch to it before you take that trip to Las Vegas for a stag/hen week. 

As part of the Smart Plans, EE is also offering what it likens to getting your car fully serviced and MOT'd. 

Every year - as part of its Service Plans - you're invited to an in-store appointment where the EE staff check your device over, make sure it's in good working order and even clean/polish it for you, as well as ensuring you're on the right plan for your usage needs.  

This Service Plan also includes a lifetime guarantee against faults that develop with the phone. So if it stops working properly, you can take it in to get it set off for repair, free of charge, even if the standard warranty has expired. 

These benefits aren't the only perks of being on a Smart Plan, you also get to upgrade whenever you like, providing you wait until at least 15 days after you sign the contract. 

Of course, with Upgrade Anytime, there are caveats. Firstly, you need to trade-in your existing phone, and it has to be in good working order (ie, no water/physical damage). Secondly, you sign another 24 month plan. Thirdly, the plan you upgrade to has to be the same or higher cost per month as your existing one. 

Understandably, the Smart Plans do cost a little more than the Essential counterparts. For instance, a 60GB Smart Plan with the OnePlus 6T costs £59 per month, while the 60GB Essential Plan is £54 per month. 

With these interchangeable streaming benefits though, it definitely feels like preparation work for the way we are going to use 5G phones. With speeds faster than fibre in most cases, you'll be able to stream music, movies and anything else more conveniently using a cellular connection. 

That of course means you need more data allowance, and the flexibility to use it how you want to. 

Smart Plans are available to buy from now from EE

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 1 May 2019.