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(Pocket-lint) - EE is making a range of changes across its offering, with the EE Flex Plan a new approach to SIM-only mobile phone contracts. It's essentially the fusion of pay-as-you-go freedom with monthly payment simplicity.

Confused? Let us explain.

The new EE Flex Plan - which launches on 25 July - will allow you to have a monthly payment, so there's no need to top-up like you do with pay-as-you-go.

There are four tiers, as outlined below: 

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  • £10 - 2GB data, 1000 mins talk
  • £15 - 5GB data, 2000 mins talk
  • £25 - 10GB data, 3000 mins talk
  • £30 - 20GB data, 3000 mins talk

All have unlimited text messages and all last for 30 days. There's the added bonus that if you don't use all your data, it will roll over to the next month, so you're not just losing data if you choose to go big. 

Where this differs from a traditional contract is you're not locked in; you can change, cancel or pause your Flex Plan whenever you like, because it only lasts for 30 days. 

We expect it will appeal to those who might be in the UK for a few months before moving on (or are regularly working away in a different country), or those who aren't sure if they can always pay for those regular larger tariffs.

EE estimates that there are over 2 million customers who will benefit from this new approach.

You'll also be able to use this data when roaming and for those who do keep the Flex Plan on a longer-term, you'll be rewarded with 500MB additional data every 3 months. 

Of course, it's worth checking whether this is what you really need, as when you get to the higher data options, the regular 12-month tariffs are better value for money.

Writing by Chris Hall.